What Religious Artifacts of the Middle East Could Show Us About Tolerance –

PARIS — Fixing the famous windows Jean Nouvel created because of its Seine-side house, the Institut du Monde Arabe has introduced a series of recent displays which have deepened and diversified France’s perception of Islam. By “The Thousand and One Nights” (2012) into “Hajj: The Pilgrimage to Mecca” (2014) and the epic “Ocean Explorers” (2016), exhibitions here have shown that… Read more →

Science Can Be Dry, Obscure, Sophisticated?

It Makes Great Comedy –

Jackie Faherty hates when brown dwarfs — astronomical objects with legends outweighing those of planets — have been known as “failed star” “Are we so presumptuous you are interested in being a celebrity?” She asked through a live taping of this podcast “You Are the Expert” in the brand new performance area Caveat on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She favored… Read more →

Drake Commended for warning fan to stop touching Girls at Sydney performance

Drake is being commended after issuing a stern warning to a fan to stop touching women in a performance in Australia this week. In a movie making the rounds on social networking, the Toronto hip-hop star is seen temporarily stopping an intimate performance of his hit “Know Yourself” in an after-party at Sydney. Then he issues an expletive-laden warning into… Read more →

The ‘Lion King’ Impact: The Way the Broadway Smash Changed South African Lives –

JOHANNESBURG — Fumane Moeketsi bent her knees to a crouch, threw up her hands in the atmosphere, and ripped into the opening notes of a musical she’s never noticed. This had been the fourth time in five decades which Ms. Moeketsi, the deep-voiced 23-year-old daughter of a gold miner in a very small village at South Africa’s Eastern Cape,’d attempted… Read more →

Exactly Why Richard Avedon’s Function Has Never More Relevant –

In 1964, Richard Avedon published “Nothing Personal,” a lavish coffee table book with gravure-printed portraits of individuals who do not fit into any single classification: Allen Ginsberg standing naked in a Buddhist pose opposite George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party; the puffy-eyed Dorothy Parker, her bags containing a lifetime of tears, side by side with a… Read more →

How the Myth of the Artistic Genius Excuses the Abuse of Women –

Could we now eliminate the concept of “dividing the artwork from the artist”? Every time a creative form (typically a person) is accused of mistreating people (generally girls), a telephone appears to protect against these pesky little details from slipping to our evaluations of the artist’s job. However, the Hollywood players accused of sexual harassment or worse — Harvey Weinstein,… Read more →

Louis C.K. Responds to Accusations: ‘All These Stories Are True’ –

Louis C.K. on Friday released a statement in response to a report published Thursday in The New York Times about several women who stepped forward to discuss experiences with him in which he committed acts of sexual misconduct. In his statement, Louis C.K. said, “These stories are true.” The complete statement from Louis C.K. appears below: I want to address… Read more →

Rap Disrupted Music First.

Now It is TV and Film. –

For a long time, hip-hop made it into the display — both large and small — just intermittently. But lately, there has been something of a flourish: a ton of rap-infused displays, films and documentaries which appear back to the old-school age along with also the mid-1990s, revisiting the phases when hip-hop was getting the driving force of pop tradition.… Read more →

Hottest tickets in town: Five things to do in Toronto

Chris Rock Chris Rock made the wrong kind of headlines recently when he told an audience in New York’s Comedy Cellar about his disinclination to employ women. “They shout rape because they need money,” the smart-talking stand-up star clarified, before going on to create Harvey Weinstein jokes. The audience was reportedly tense and silent as he left the stage, but… Read more →