A Head-Spinning, Hope-Inspiring Showcase of Art –

LOS ANGELES — I guess there’s a God. During one of the meanest passages in American national politics within living memory, we’re getting a huge, historically corrective, morale-raising cultural event, one that lasts four months and hits on many of the major social topics of the day: racism, sexism, aggressive nationalism. True, the hugeness of the thing is a problem,… Read more →

Meet Italian violinist Elisa Citterio, Tafelmusik’s new music director

It has been three years since Jeanne Lamon retired as music director of Toronto’s illustrious Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. The new kahuna is Elisa Citterio, a hot-shot Italian violinist who makes her debut this week as the orchestra’s manager with A Joyous Welcome, a suitably titled program which not only opens Tafelmusik’s 2017-18 season, but ushers in a new age also.… Read more →

Where the Wild Things Are: China’s Art Dreamers in the Guggenheim –

BEIJING — The touch operate in “Art and China Following 1989,” a highly anticipated series that takes on the Guggenheim on Oct. 6, is a very simple table using a see-through ribbon shaped just like the back of a tortoise. About the tabletop countless reptiles and insects — gekkos, locusts, crickets, centipedes and cockroaches — mill roughly beneath the shine… Read more →

Polaris Prize-winner Lido Pimienta an Improbable success story

Lido Pimienta, an immigrant without a record deal, no marketing group and no actual copies of her winning record La Papessa available for sale beat out a field of high-profile artists such as Leslie Feist for its $50,000 Polaris Prize. This was an extremely unlikely win on Monday for its Colombian-Canadian artist, who also conquered the sentimentality associated with a… Read more →

Creating ‘Mother! ,’ the Year Most Divisive Film –

TORONTO — “Does not this seem like where folks come to get fired?” Jennifer Lawrence was at a dull hotel conference area here for Darren Aronofsky, the writer-director of the new play, “Mother{}” This had been a few hours prior to the movie’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Mr. Aronofsky, her boyfriend was running {}. “Where’s he? I… Read more →

Nardwuar marks 30 years of interviews and keeps on rockin’

Nardwuar the Human Serviette lives up to his title. Not that he is walking about wiping up spills or dabbing at the corners of anybody’s mouth, but as his eponymous punk-rock name implies, he’s not your normal music writer (or typical anything, innbsp;reality). Dressed to the nines for a meeting in clashing colors of plaid and other patterns — such… Read more →

The Very Best and Worst Moments of This 2017 Emmys –

The 69th Primetime Emmy awards were commanded by quite a few attractive women and a single strong guy. “The Handmaid’s Tale” around Hulu, roughly a slave-class surviving a misogynist dystopia, along with “Big Little Lies” on HBO, roughly courageous wives and moms and their national conflicts, were the winners at tv’s greatest honors. “Veep,” HBO’s acid political satire to a… Read more →

Selena Gomez undergoes kidney transplant Because of lupus

Selena Gomez recently received a kidney transplant from tv celebrity Francia Raisa because of her battle with lupus, the actress-singer revealed Thursday. Gomez revealed in an Instagram post supported by her publicist that she’s been somewhat out of the spotlight this summer because she was recovering from the process. The 25-year-old calls for the transplant “what I had to do… Read more →

Polaris Prize jury unrest fuels debate in Canadian music Websites

The Polaris Music Prize is a peculiar beast. Since 2006, its approximately 200-person jury has bestowed a money reward upon a single singular Canadian record annually, deemed superlative without thought of genre, commercial popularity, critical success or numerous factors which may interfere with the query: “Out of all of these albums, which was the best?” It’s a challenging inquisition and… Read more →